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01. Find
Find the right products for your needs
02. Select
Select the products that interest your company the most
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Register on the platform and validate the purchase
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Securely access your private area
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Get the reports in the selected language

Affereo, through a set of connected reports generated by different procurement angles, guarantees the perfect match between the available business opportunities in the market and the responsiveness of companies. 


Each report is "per se" very relevant, but the interconnection between the four reports gives a complete knowledge and enables companies to effectively compete in public tenders, as well as to perceive the risks of contractual execution. 


When subscribing to a product, the corresponding user guide will be made available so that the Customer can derive maximum understanding and relevance from the interconnection of the reports.


These reports have a dual aspect reflecting the system of publication forms currently in place (current and eforms).


The Opportunity report identifies relevant information about each active business opportunity, as well as the chance probability in the active procedures (conditions and risks). 


The Change report is dynamic, and marks changes to each opportunity identified during the procedure.   


The Opportunity report - new version noting an amended opportunity of a previously published contract notice, in eform format.


The Market research report reveals key information and full insight of the public procurement market, targeted at each of the services/products. 


The Public Entity report privileges the perspective of the public entities and shows the behaviour and characteristics of each one of the different entities in the last few years. 


Affereo’s Chance is a ranking represented in stamps, where each of the factors in the procedure is given a weighting according to its relevance, allowing the economic operator to evaluate its "chance.” 

Founded on an automated mathematical formula, using artificial intelligence and models elaborated by a multidisciplinary team of Public Procurement and Data Science consultants, the following stamps can come up in the opportunities report: 


Platinum Stamp - Excellent opportunity 

Gold Stamp - Good opportunity 

Silver Stamp - Average opportunity 

Bronze Stamp - Low opportunity 

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