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This Cookie Policy is an integral part of the Data Protection Policy of

What are cookies?


Cookies are files or archives containing small amounts of information that are downloaded and stored on your device through your browser when you visit a Web page.

For more information about us and how we protect user information see our Privacy Policy.

Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites to make the user experience more efficient.

The law allows us to store cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the functioning of this website. For all other types of cookies, we need your consent.

This website uses different types of cookies. Some cookies are placed by third party services that appear on our pages.

You can at any time change or withdraw your consent from the Cookie Statement on our website.



What are cookies for?


The main purpose of cookies is to simplify browsing and provide the user with a better usage of the platform. Cookies allow faster, safer and more efficient browsing. The information collected by cookies also allows Bússola Diligente to improve the platform. Also, the use of cookies allows us to understand how our solutions are employed and assist in managing user preferences.

This website uses cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. We also share information about your use of our website with our social media, advertising and analytics partners, which they may combine with other information that has been provided to them or that they have collected from your use of their services.



What are the purposes of using cookies?


Cookies perform many different tasks that contribute to a seamless and more interactive online experience. The necessary prerequisite is that you use the same device and browser. Some specific cookies are essential for the operation and maintenance of our website because they allow us to:


-Provide the services you need;

-Provide accurate and targeted information;

-Provide you with a perfect and convenient online experience.



What cookies does Bússola Diligente use?


Cookies are divided into necessary, preferential, statistical and marketing cookies, each of which is described in the Cookiebot on our website.

Data processing and associated cookies may be used on our website. Depending on the function and purpose, we divide data processing into different categories. The purpose of each category is described on this page and your consent to these categories can be adjusted. Within a category, all data processing that can be carried out for this purpose is entered, as well as the cookies that are normally used in data processing.

On our website we currently use the necessary cookies, as our Plausible Analytics only allows the use of necessary cookies.


We store and read the necessary cookies on your device in order to subsequently process the personal data contained therein.

This is done in particular to:


- Allow you to navigate between pages without losing previous actions from the same browsing session;

- Provide you with multimedia content that meets your technical requirements;

- Remind you of your previous actions, such as choosing your prior consent to cookies;

- To protect our website from errors and continuously optimise them;

- To ensure optimal load balancing when loading on our website;

- To save your data for authentication.



How to disable/block/delete cookies?


You can withdraw your consent or change your cookies management preferences at any time on the cookies page in question.

Alternatively, most browsers allow you to control which cookies are stored on your devices and to delete them immediately if you no longer allow cookies to be stored. More information on this can be found at:  or



Reject cookies:


If you reject cookies that require your consent, we will not set any corresponding cookies. If you revoke your consent for these cookies, we will refrain from using cookies that require consent from your visit to the next page. We delete the latter in the case of first-party cookies, insofar as this is technically possible for us. Please note that we cannot delete third-party cookies. If you wish to delete all third-party cookies, you must do so in your browser settings. We would like to draw your attention to a relevant feature: if you withdraw your consent to these cookies, this does not mean that you will see less advertising. Rather, it means that the adverts you see are not individually tailored to your needs.



Cookie Policy Changes


This Cookie Policy may be revised at any time. When such changes are made, the date of revision will be indicated and the new Cookie Policy published. The modified Cookie Policy will take effect from the date of the revision.



Managing cookies in your browser


You can manage the cookie settings on our website, through the resources mentioned, but also by changing your browser settings (enable, disable and delete). Most browsers allow you to manage cookies by accepting or rejecting all cookies. If you change your cookie settings, certain cookies will be blocked. You may not be able to take full advantage of some of the features of our website. We may also not be able to provide some content that you have previously viewed or used.

You can allow, block and delete cookies installed on your computer through the tools in your internet browsers.

Cookie settings for the most popular browsers:


Google Chrome;
Mozilla Firefox;
Internet Explorer;
Safari for IOS (iPhone and iPad);
Chrome for Android.



Where is the information collected through cookies processed?


Information collected through cookies is mainly processed within the European Union (EU). In some cases, cookie information may also be processed by our contracted service providers or third-party cookie providers in countries outside the EU that do not offer a comparable level of data protection from an EU perspective. In some countries, such as the USA, there is a particular risk that local authorities may gain access to cookie information processed there for monitoring purposes and that there are no effective remedies against access. Affereo ensures that information collected through cookies is adequately protected.



Continuous improvements:


With the help of cookies, we see how visitors use our website so we can improve it. For example, we analyse which content is the most popular and conclude from this which other topics may be relevant for our visitors. This helps us to:


- Improve our website and enhance your online experience.

- Experiment with different approaches and present our visitors with the most relevant content for them.