Moving Business Through  Procurement Intelligence

Public tenders’ data knowledge managed by artificial intelligence (ChatGPT).

Achieve the most ambitious goals.
Connect to a dynamic and competitive economy.
Get the results you want.
Select the product of your choice in three simple steps

Follow the instructions to unlock a world of market opportunities and insights:

  • Locate high-potential tenders, gather information about the proponents, and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Identify public entities aligned with your strategic objectives and maximise your focus on priority projects.
  • Empower yourself with real-time reports and make informed and strategic choices.
Modular and Expansive Technology Enhance Public Tender Efficiency with tailored modules for your specific needs.
More than one, it’s a thousand steps ahead of the competition

Artificial Intelligence aims to revolutionise public procurement processes - from automating repetitive administrative tasks to making knowledge and information available to you, unprecedentedly so that you can make better decisions, reduce costs, and get better results.


Technology that finds new and better business opportunities for companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


Clearer Information

Reports in the selected language.

Automatic Processes

Information collected from automated means.

Effective Results

Smart search for opportunities compatible with your business.

Full Transparency

Transparent and universally accessible platform.

Risk Management

Data and expert services to mitigate business risks.


Data generated from any European Union country.

Procurement Intelligence Data Centre

Affereo believes that data structuring is the foundation of an efficient digital transition, and this vision is reflected in the European Commission's initiative to build a European procurement data space.  


In anticipation of this new scenario, Affereo has developed a dual system for publication forms encompassing the forms in use and the new electronic forms - eforms.

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