Institutional presentation

Affereo is the brand that represents the best technological infrastructure for structuring data available in the public and private procurement markets, creating analytical models capable of providing comprehensive information supported by each country's contractual contexts.

Affereo's data centre processes and analyses data using Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT), under the supervision of IT professionals and consultants in winning tenders, to enhance the creation of trends and patterns capable of anticipating various scenarios for organisations. 

After collecting and processing the data, Affereo provides reports with privileged and assertive information about existing business opportunities and how to get them. 


The platform is prepared to integrate the changes in the publication system that the European Commission is promoting, and, therefore, in this transition phase, it presents a dual reporting system that integrates two types of publication forms: those currently in use and the electronic ones - eforms. 


Synthesising information in the form of a report reduces costs and facilitates timely and accurate business decisions. Similarly, policymakers can access information that can inform correct, efficient and transparent public policies.  


As a complement and to guarantee a serious follow-up from start to finish of the procurement processes, Affereo offers, by digital means, services provided by its team of consultants specialised in procurement strategy, electronic platforms for public and private procurement, digital certificates, electronic signatures, public tenders, contracts and contract execution.