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Bid Submission

Never lose an award due to errors in the bid submission. 

Better safe than sorry. Anticipate risks, and save time and resources.

Submitting a bid can be challenging, even for the most experienced managers. The specifics of each platform and the risk of irregularities could compromise your bid.


Rely on professionals to ensure the smooth and successful submission of your bid. You will only have to see the notification you are waiting for: the one that informs you that your bid has been successfully submitted.

What is included?

Support in the writing and submission of the bid and assistance in resolving any irregularities in the submission

Verification of the correct bid submission and receipt of the submission in question

Support in resolving any IT or document conflict and resubmission after resolution

Public Procurement Module BID SUBMISSION
Don’t fall at the last hurdle

Don't throw away all the time, effort and work of writing the bid and make sure that your bid is correctly submitted. We do it for you.

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