The Creation of Affereo: From a Qualified Consultancy Firm to an Innovative Technological Platform

On September 4th, the Affereo project will launch, introducing a pioneering technological platform aimed to revolutionise public contracts.

Affereo emerges as the result of several years of dedication and hard work by professionals in the field of public contracting. 

Affereo's CEO, Pedro Bastos, shares how it all began.


Given your background in law, can you explain how the idea for the technological platform was conceived?

Affereo was born from a unique evolutionary path. We started as a highly qualified consultancy firm in public contracting; we were initially even known as "the platform guys". At a certain point, we realised that our mission was to create something revolutionary through new technologies and provide our in-depth knowledge acquired over the years to companies wanting to win tenders in European Union countries and public entities aiming to manage public procedures effectively.


What inspired this digital transition? 

To win public tenders, we conducted exhaustive procedures and detailed data analysis to present proposals.

This study uncovered successful strategies, and over the years, we developed a manual database with significant value, which enabled us to win numerous public tenders in European Union countries. All of this made the need for digital transition in public contracting clear and highlighted the significant need for precise and interconnected data in European public contracting. 

The result of all this is Affereo: a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of a data-starved market with precision and efficiency.


How has this shift affected the company's business strategy? 

The transformation has propelled the organisation to a new level of strategic importance. 

We have a team of experts in public contracting, including lawyers, consultants, and specialists in emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence.

Affereo is more than just a tech or consultancy firm. It is an ecosystem of innovation that brings together brilliant minds.


What were the biggest obstacles in the development of the project? 

Challenges? Of course, we had them.

After encountering technological complexity, the need for precision, and data disarray, we became even more convinced that we were on the right path.


How were these challenges overcome? 

With a blend of courage, resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering will to win. 

Each obstacle was an opportunity to learn and grow. That's what kept us focused and allowed us to create exceptional solutions.


Given the competition, how do you plan to succeed? 

Our unique combination of cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, and expertise in public contracting allows us to offer products at highly competitive prices unmatched in the market.


What's Affereo's most significant asset? 

Affereo's most significant asset lies in its origin. Unlike other data-related projects in public contracting that start with technology and move into public contracting, Affereo took the opposite path. We began with a deep understanding of European public contracting, different contracting platforms, and different legal regimes. We combined this with our contractual execution experience, advanced technology, and data expertise. This approach has allowed us to create unique solutions tailored to the market's needs.


What does the company bring new to the market? 

Above all, "intelligence" in public contracting. Affereo is more than just a platform. It offers strategic partnerships for public contracting success with intelligent data analysis.

Our platform provides operators and public entities with invaluable information analysed and delivered impeccably. These genuine insights can transform the game for those striving to succeed in public markets.


Lastly, what are your future expectations? 

Our mission at Affereo is to become synonymous with innovation and excellence in the sector through resilience, dedication, and focus despite the inherent challenges of disruptive projects.


Affereo's CEO