Product Data Sheet




The Dynamic Public Entity Profile* provides: 

      • Relevant information on the entity's public procurement over the last five years; 
      • Processed, cleaned and structured information by year, type of procedure, product, contractor and CPV; 
      • Comparative analysis between the CPVs used and good practices; 
      • Information on the deadline for publishing contracts on the public procurement portal; 
      • Standardised information of corporate names used for the same economic operator; 
      • Possibility of using filters on the processed information, combining data by year, CPV, economic operator/contractor, type of procedure, type of product, service or work, etc; 
      • Information available on the smartphone; 



General information on the various profile pages 

Analytics Dashboard - analytical, interactive and very intuitive, easy-to-understand work tool that acts on open public data, once structured, analysed and isolated by entity. 

Public entity profile report - document analysing the notices published in the Official Journal of the European Union and assessing the profile of the entity. 

Information on the content of each page: 

  • General

General information about the entity's tendering procedures in the last few years. 


  • Publication Control

Map with the registered information of the publication of each of the procedures communicated to the public procurement portal. 


  • Services

Information on tendering procedures for the purchase of services. 


  • Supplies

Information on tendering procedures for the purchase of supplies. 


  • Works

Information on tendering procedures for construction contracts. 


  • Contractor

Identification of the contractors of the various tender procedures and their correction with a view to standardisation and harmonisation. 


  • CPV

Identification of the CPVs used by the entity in procedures and provision of the full list of those that should be used. 


  • Top CPV

Connection of the main CPV's used in the entity's tendering procedures.


  • Profile

It is subdivided into three areas: 

      • Analysis, by sampling, of publications made in the OJEU; 
      • Assessment of the public entity profile; 
      • Affereo Classification. 


      • Analysis, by sampling, of publications made in the OJEU 

The period between the conclusion of the contract and its publication on the public procurement portal is analysed, and procedures with a delay of more than 20 days are flagged. 


      • Assessment of the public entity profile 

The procedures of the public entity and the sampling are analysed and, as a result of the analysis, the compliances, the filling errors, the non-compliances of the registered information and the disclosure of personal data are pointed out and, subsequently, suggestions for good practices to be implemented are indicated. 


      • Affereo classification of the public entity profile 

For the Affereo classification, several factors are evaluated and weighted according to an objective mathematical formula and, depending on the score obtained, the platinum, gold, silver or bronze classification is presented in descending order of importance.


  • Period of analysis 

The evaluation concerns information of the last five years, including the current year. 


  • Updating the collected information 

The information is updated during the first semester of each year and, consequently, a new assessment of the profile classification is carried out. 


  • Means Used

The information is stored in the database owned by Affereo, and accessory information can also be collected from the public procurement portals. 

For the Analytics Dashboard tool - display, presentation and handling of the results obtained - on the computer or smartphone – the Microsoft software (Power BI) is used, and it is not necessary to purchase or license the software, as long as the user has the Microsoft Office licence. 


  • Access

With the subscription of the product, one access to the public entity is provided,while supplementary accesses are subject to an additional payment by each user. 


  • Execution deadline 

The execution deadline of the Dynamic Public Entity Profile is up to 15 business days after the subscription of the product. 


  • Pricing

The price is subject to consultation, through the form or the phone contact, since it is a product with significant variations due to the specificity of each public entity. 



*in Portugal and Spain